Xu Lu rises like the phoenix in “Song of the Moon”

Xu Lu, Chinese star actress, shares thoughts on her interests, career path and her role in the xianxia drama "Song of the Moon."

When we entered the dressing room of the studio where we were shooting the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam’s March cover, Xu Lu greeted us with a big smile. Our cover model sported a red wig matching her red wine lipstick, exuding a grungy aesthetics and fierceness. Her style reminded us of the 3-leg phoenix,  the immortal energy of Liu Shao, the otherworldly celestial maiden that she portrayed in xianxia drama Song of the Moon.

“Do I look cool?”, Xu asked. Yes, definitely.

Memories of home

As we sat down on the couch, opposite each other, Xu Lu started telling us about her hometown Hohhot – the “Blue City” of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. She described Hohhot as “a unique place with excellent air quality, vast grasslands, and special food.” She said, “I especially like mutton steamed dumplings. You can’t find it anywhere else. It’s very yummy,” the actress looked like she was eyeing a big plate of mutton steamed dumplings on the low table in front of us.

Xu Lu’s career

Xu Lu is a star in the Chinese entertainment industry, known for her outstanding acting skills and charming personality. She has been active in the industry for several years and has managed to make a name for herself with her exceptional performances in various movies, TV dramas and shows.

The actress learned ballet when she was a child. She cannot remember her training routine anymore, but she said it was a matter of practicing over and over again, starting with the easy moves, then gradually learning more and more challenging tasks. Being classically trained became a filming advantage for Xu Lu, because “Dancing helps me learn the moves faster and fight a quicker when I’m shooting a costume fight scene.”

She also found the skill useful for her in the show Sunshine of My Life, where she had to sing and dance on stage. Aside from being a ballet dancer, Xu Lu can also sing, play guitar and the piano – handy skills for an actress.

Path to stardom

Her role as Zhen Yurao in Legend of Zhen Huan in 2011 captivated the viewers with her fresh innocent look. The drama is set in the 18th century Qing dynasty and follows the story of a young concubine in the emperor’s harem. Xu Lu starred alongside big names in the Chinese film industry, such as Sun Li and Chen Jianbin.

In 2017, her lead role in Our Shining Days brought her nation-wide recognition. Xu was nominated for Best Actress (Asian New Talent Award) at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival. She went on to win Best New Actress at the 14th China Movie Channel Media Awards. Xu told us, “I am very grateful to receive this award. It was an affirmation and a great encouragement. It motivated me to work harder and continue to improve.”

Song of the Moon

Most recently, Xu Lu played Liu Shao in iQIYI’s Song of the Moon alongside Vin Zhang. The film is based on the popular Chinese novel Ben Yue written by author Shu Ke. The drama has a heartbreaking storyline. Liu Shao, the female protagonist, under the influence of male characters, faces several challenges. She undergoes a significant growth before forming her worldview.

Xu Lu had not read the novel before being casted. However, when she read the script the first time, she could not help but cry. “Each character in the film has their own persistence and mission. Their life paths are full of emotion which touch my heart.”

The interesting aspect about Song of the Moon, in Xu’s view, was “The show adopts a double ending. People can choose what they like and decide on the outcome by themselves, which is a very new way of ending a film.”

Xu Lu added, “Thank you for supporting Song of the Moon. If you have not watched it, please take a look at it. You will not be disappointed!”

The colorless color

What color would Xu Lu use to describe herself? “White. I would describe myself as the color white, because white is all the colors in the spectrum of light. It can be white, or it can be any color. I am what I am, I can also be any roles that I play.”

Xu Lu’s talent and hard work have paid off, and she has earned a lot of recognition and praise for her performances. She has shown that with hard work and dedication, it is possible to achieve one’s dreams and excel in multiple areas of interest. With her natural charisma and undeniable talent, there is no doubt that Xu Lu will continue to captivate audiences and deliver compelling performances in the years to come.


Executive Producer: Zhiyu Qu @zhiyu_qu.
Director: Gong Cheng.
Prodution coordinator: Rico.
Producer: Even.
Creative Director: Fang Sibin.
Production Assistant: Su.
Model: Xu Lu @xululuxu.
Photographer: Na Yan.
Stylist: Yu Xin, Fang Sibin.
HMUA: Simeng.
Lighting Assistant: Dawei.

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