“Fashion is not an art. It’s a lifestyle” – Kristin Garcia

Studying fashion at Mesa Community College in San Diego, Kristin Garcia shares her upbringing and her love for fashion.

Born and raised in Linda Vista, a small neighborhood in San Diego, Kristin Garcia has made a name for herself as a model and stylist. Kristin’s interest in fashion started in her childhood days when she would create magazines with cut-out photos and looks that she loved. She would even invite the kids in her neighborhood to participate in her “fashion shows”.

Passion grows into career 

Kristin Garcia started studying fashion at Mesa Community College in San Diego. Through Mesa, Kristin had an opportunity to study at both City University and the International Fashion Academy in Paris. Her passion for fashion led her to work in fashion production, where she often got asked why she didn’t model herself. Kristin’s answer was more hard work and dedication. She is not signed with any model agency. Her dream is to develop her own modeling agency starting in San Diego. 

When asked about her personal style, Kristin said it is always evolving. She loves to mix textures. Some days she looks classy, and some days she looks like she might be demanding attention with bold colors and prints. Her personal style is a reflection of her love for fashion.

Think Harper’s Bazaar, think elegant

Kristin Garcia was the stylist herself in this photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar. “I need a garment that could get emotions out of a person who might not be into fashion,” she explained. The black dress used for her photos was both bold and elegant, and Kristin loved the final look.

The photographer for this photo shoot was Natalia Prieto. In Kristin’s opinion, Natalia is the best when it comes to shooting a flying dress. The photo shoot was done on a cold and windy day, but Natalia managed to capture the perfect shot. Kristin laughed, “We went back and forth with the idea of a gown and the flying dress, then we decided we would go with this look because it’s more of a bang.”

The model and stylist constantly observes new trends. When asked about the fashion trends of 2023, Kristin said, “Puff! Everything is being puffed. Bags, shoes, jackets. The Prada collection is so much puff – super cool! Also the Y2K fashion, from bel bottoms to full size tops, less cropped, more sweaters and skirts, especially the long ones.”

Which style does she like? “I live for long skirts!”

Kristin Garcia’s interest besides fashion 

In her free time, Kristin loves to read, and her favorite book is Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah. The book is a true story of an unwanted daughter who faced a lot of hardships. Kristin’s favorite quote from the book is, “You can vanquish the demons only when you’re convinced of your own worth.”

Kristin also enjoys going to the movies. Her latest movie was “Everything Everywhere.” She explained, “Michelle Yeoh really had me at the edge of my seat talking to the screen. I like how it got so much emotion out of me I was really drawn in.”

Who are the mentors that gave her inspiration? “I have a handful of mentors who probably don’t know they are my mentors,” Kristin laughed heartily. Her favorite quote is, “Out work these people” from the Hollywood cast director E Mills.

Kristin Garcia has made friends with several Vietnamese people as she grew up in Linda Vista, a predominant Vietnamese community in San Diego. We ended our conversation by asking her, “What do you know about the Vietnamese culture?” “That family is number one and disrespect will not be tolerated, especially to your elders.”

Photographer: Natalia Prieto @bynataliya.
Model: Kristin Garcia @ohhthatskrissy_.
Hair: J’nea Ector.
Makeup: Quidis Yousif.
Production/PR: @say__media.

Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam