Charlotte Kirk – the Quintessential English Rose in bloom

A beautiful, talented, and already renowned actor, Charlotte Kirk is determined to take destiny into her own hands.

Dress, Balmain. Shoes, Enrico Cuini, Jewelry, Camilla Seretti.

It’s not the heatwave driving soaring temperatures to Beverly Hills. Enter – stage right, on cue, the Quintessential English Rose – Charlotte Kirk – the hottest talent in town to have blown in from across the pond. Do not underestimate the dulcet tones, fused blue eyes with strawberry blonde hair as perfectly synced as iambic pentameter in a Shakespearian sonnet. Under her perfectly-presented exterior lies the action, thrill-seeking dramatic actress, whose performances have already raised more than a few LA eyebrows.

As Charlotte walks in, she captivates all eyes in the room with her effortless charm. We begin our interview. The next 30 minutes take me on a journey into her glamorous world of film, fashion, and beyond.

Charlotte Kirk

Dress, Archive Showroom. Shoes, Aquazurra.

Charlotte Kirk’s acting career

Charlotte is a British-born actress, producer, and writer determined to take destiny into her own hands by co-founding Scarlett Productions to develop and produce film and TV projects. Charlotte delightfully spilled, “This time in my life is a reinvention. And I’m coming back stronger than ever.”

Kirk’s first film that she co-wrote, co-produced, and starred in, The Reckoning (2020), won multiple awards worldwide, including “Best Actress” at the Global Independent Film Awards. Her second project, The Lair (2022), which she also co-wrote, produced, and starred in, premiered in London’s Leicester Square as the opening title film at FrightFest and was released theatrically across the US in October 2022, in time for Halloween. Last summer, Charlotte Kirk spent several months in the beautiful Canary Islands filming her “pet project,” Duchess, a female-led gangster movie due for release in 2023. With more projects in the pipeline, Kirk’s metamorphosis from chrysalis to butterfly is ready to take flight.


Bodysuit, Affair.Shoes, Aquazarra. Necklace, Ansh Gems. Earrings, Camilla Seretti

Harper’s Bazaar: How did you start working on the threefold roles of writing, producing, and starring?

CHARLOTTE KIRK: It really began when I first met my partner, both in life and business, Neil Marshall, who is a well-known British film director. We both found inspiration in each other and soon began collaborating on multiple scripts and movie ideas. We’re a great team because he comes at film from a director’s standpoint, focusing on action and visuals, and I go at it from an actor’s standpoint, focusing on drama, conflict, and characters. We tested the waters on The Reckoning, and it was successful. Now, I want to expand and work with other directors and keep improving.

I’d like to stay in the development process. It gives you more control of your destiny. As an actor, you’re so immersed in the industry that you have no idea when the next job is coming. With a production company, you’re creating your stuff and doing what you want. It’s the best-case scenario.


Harper’s Bazaar: How do you prepare for a role?

CHARLOTTE KIRK: I have a phenomenal acting coach named Susan Batson. Her method involves using your own experiences and applying them to your roles. So, even if you don’t relate to the part, you can take what experience you do have and find a way to use it.

Harper’s Bazaar: Who inspires you?

CHARLOTTE KIRK: Liz Taylor, Nicole Kidman, Vivienne Lee, Meryl Streep. They’re all icons and exquisite in their ways. 

Harper’s Bazaar: What is your dream role?

CHARLOTTE KIRK: I’ve just played my dream role in Duchess. I love my character because she contains elements of myself but more accentuated. She’s more assertive, more powerful, and more confident. She’s badass, fearless, and glamorous, and the fashion was amazing. 

I even had designers help create the dresses and bring my perfect idea of the character to life.

Charlotte Kirk

Dress, Izabela Couture. Shoes, Angelei. Ring, Camilla Seretti

Harper’s Bazaar: Speaking of fashion, can you describe your personal style?

CHARLOTTE KIRK: I would describe my style as sexy mixed with elegant. I like anything that stands the test of time, whether it’s a movie, a person, or an outfit. And that’s what I do with my films. Today, you’ll watch a movie that will seem a bit outdated, and that’s the problem. You want to make films or fashion look timeless so they still are relevant 10 or 50 years from now.

Harper’s Bazaar: Who are your favorite designers?

CHARLOTTE KIRK: I love British designers Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Victoria Beckham, and anything Chanel. I love to dress up whimsically but sexy.

Top and skirt, Alexander McQueen. Shoes, Angelei. Jewelry, Anabela Chan.

Harper’s Bazaar: How do you apply sustainability to your life?

CHARLOTTE KIRK: I love vintage shopping. Not only is it amazing to find treasures that no one else has, but I enjoy taking items and making them fresh and new. I try to avoid the trap typical in my industry of only wearing items once. In Hollywood, people wear things once, you’ll never see them again, and there’s a stigma when you do. I try to reuse and renovate my past clothing and avoid waste. In the early 2000s, Courtney Love would take couture dresses and razor-blade them and cut them up, and I love that concept.

Top and skirt, Alexander McQueen. Shoes, Angelei. Jewelry, Anabela Chan.

Harper’s Bazaar: How do you respond to other environmental issues?

CHARLOTTE KIRK: I’m a huge advocate for sustainable clothing to stop landfills of fast fashion. Recycling fashion and upcycling is the way forward. I’m highly against fur and leather. I’m a huge animal lover, so I shoot for anything vegan. Vegan leather jackets are a great alternative and of excellent quality, as well. I love a sustainable pleather skirt!

For beauty and makeup, I can’t use any products that involve animal cruelty. Instead, I aim to use all-natural brands like RMS beauty’s makeup products and Codex Beauty Labs’ plant-based skincare products with biodegradable packaging.

Dress, Eni Buiron. Shoes, Aquazurra. Necklace, Look Fashion Rental.

Harper’s Bazaar: How do you feel about this shoot?

CHARLOTTE KIRK: I’m super excited to work with photographer and image maker Troy Jensen for this issue. He’s worked with so many gorgeous celebrities. 

I love being his muse. Whether a film or fashion shoot, I love to be involved from the beginning. I put it into boxes with my work: When I’m acting, I’m acting. When I’m writing, I’m writing. For this editorial shoot, Troy had some fantastic ideas about the glam and how he wanted to photograph me. We spoke about how we wanted it to look, feel, color, hair, and everything.

The following day I connected with Charlotte on the set of the shoot for this editorial. A natural in front of any camera, she has the gift of photogenic, the genetics for fashion. She slays the outfit changes as a chameleon effortlessly blends into its surroundings and commands center stage, with all eyes on Charlotte’s enigmatic smile. She draws you in with powerful overtones of silver-screen goddesses, and it hits me. She has the Liz Taylor effect. I reflect on Charlotte’s mantra, “Follow your passions, follow your heart, and the things you need will come.”   


Photographer: Troy Jensen @itstroyjensen.
Actress: Charlotte Kirk @charlottekirkofficial.
Glam: Troy Jensen.
Stylist: Naz Meknat @naz_meknat.
Production: Jarek Addison @Jarekaddison.

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