Yubin Shin’s passion in showcasing Cambodian culture and traditions

Yubin Shin is a young Cambodian actress. The actress has a big heart for the Khmer culture. Here she talks about her determination in promoting the Cambodian cultural splendors to the world.

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You may get lost looking into the brown eyes of Yubin Shin, our cover model. The 28-year-old Cambodian actress started her acting career in 2014, after winning the 12th Freshy Boy and Girl contest. It was the biggest competition in Cambodia at that time. The young girl then got a leading role in a TV drama for a local TV station. This paved the way for her to be where she is now.

Actress Yubin Shin is determined to showcase Cambodian culture and traditions 1

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The achievements of the young actress

She has been an ambassador for various brands, shooting TVCs for local and international products in Cambodia and abroad. Her latest role is in a Rom-Com project where she plays a daughter of a wealthy family who runs away from home to avoid an arranged marriage, disguising herself as a man, and eventually falling in love with a male lead actor.

Yubin Shin attended the Dior show during the recent Paris Fashion Week. For her, it was an incredible experience, especially since it was her first time there. She felt grateful for the opportunity to meet many famous figures in the fashion industry. She laughed, “From celebrities to designers and even millionaires, I was able to mingle with people whom I had previously only known through the media. All in all, it was a fantastic event that left me feeling inspired and motivated to pursue my own dreams.”

Actress Yubin Shin is determined to showcase Cambodian culture and traditions

How to be a good actress?

Yubin considers herself a good actress because she uses her heart and loves to do all the work, regardless of the outcome. She said, “Despite how the future turns out, I will be still the same. Every criticism helps to build a better version of Yubin Shin.”

“I don’t think I am already a successful actress,” Yubin Shin said humbly. “I think I am still young and need time. Every achievement I made is only a step to success. Success has no boundary.”

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Using social media

“I understand the importance of being mindful when it comes to posting on social media, as it can have a positive or negative impact on my followers. Therefore, I strive to produce high-quality content that showcases Khmer cultural arts and encourages the next generation to appreciate and preserve Cambodia’s heritage.”

Actress Yubin Shin is determined to showcase Cambodian culture and traditions 3

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Yubin Shin emphasized, “There are two things that I refuse to promote on my social media, regardless of the potential financial gain. First, I will not endorse products that are harmful to people’s health, such as alcohol and cigarettes. Second, I am vehemently opposed to posting erotic or sexually suggestive photos that could negatively impact the image of Cambodian women.”

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Her idol

Being asked who her idol is, Ybin is confident, “I believe that my ultimate idol and mentor is myself, and I strive to always be true to who I am. When I face difficult times or setbacks, it is up to me to lift myself up and move forward. I prefer to keep my weaknesses to myself, and I do not reveal them to others, even to my family. I am determined to stay strong and overcome any challenges that come my way.”

Actress Yubin Shin is determined to showcase Cambodian culture and traditions 4

Which flower is Yubin Shin?

Out of all the flowers, the Moon Flower speaks to Yubin the most. She said, “Because it reflects my personality in many ways. Like the Moon Flower, I am not afraid to confront my own flaws and embrace both my light and dark sides. Even in the face of failure, I remain determined to pick myself up and work even harder. I constantly remind myself that there is nothing I cannot do if I put my mind to it.”

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Plan for future

During the interview with her, Yubin Shin also shared thoughts on her aspirations for 2023 and the next decade. She is determined to showcase the splendor of Cambodian culture and traditions on the global stage. There are many exquisite forms of art in Cambodia that have yet to be fully appreciated or seen, “and I am committed to giving them the recognition they deserve by promoting them to the world,” Yubin said. “This is not just my personal dream, but the shared dream of every Cambodians. I hope to inspire people to visit Cambodia, study our rich cultural heritage, and bear witness to the breathtaking beauty that our country has to offer.”

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Finally, Yubin Shin believes that we are all the writers, directors, and actors of our own lives. Let’s not allow negative thoughts, pressure, or criticism to prevent us from pursuing our dreams and aspirations.

Actress Yubin Shin is determined to showcase Cambodian culture and traditions 5

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